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14. FISCAL WISDOM: The federal government’s health care programs are financially sustainable in their present form.

ANSWER: False – Absent additional reform, there is no way the federal government will be able to deliver on all the promises made through its current health programs. Under reasonable assumptions, Medicare alone is underfunded by $37 trillion, according to the 2011 report of the Social Security & Medicare Trustees. In addition, the independent Medicare Chief Actuary estimates that the Affordable Care Act will cost much more than originally asserted based on reasonable and sustainable assumptions. Healthcare is the single biggest driver of spending increases in the future and must be addressed through substantial reforms. For examples of illustrative healthcare reforms, view the Comeback America Initiative’s Restoring Fiscal Sanity Report.


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  1. Peter Connors says:

    On page 22 (Comparative Health Costs) of your “Fiscal Facts Presentation,” what makes up the $7,960 per capita health care costs? How does the $7,960 break down? Call me if it is easier.

    Peter Connors

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