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Discuss Question 1

1. FISCAL WISDOM: The federal government’s projected deficits and mounting debt burdens will eventually threaten America’s future position in the world and our standard of living at home if they are not addressed.

ANSWER: True – Our country’s fiscal imbalances represent a clear threat to America’s future standing in the world, the strength and competitiveness of our economy over time, our future standard of living, and even our domestic tranquility in the years ahead.. For a clear, compelling, and concise picture of our nation’s finances, and steps to address them, view the Comeback America Initiative’s .


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  1. Werner Loell says:

    Dear Dave,
    Congress demonstrates its myopic view of the world and its understanding of the State of Our Union by their behavior in attending to the people’s business. We are facing much greater problems than the fiscal issues facing the US today. We have extreme weather fronts, major droughts that are likely to continue, sea level rise (please see Crissy Field measurements), major earthquakes and tsunamis, migrations coupled with combat, and an unsustainable population growth that is precipitating not only “peak oil”, but peak everything in terms of natural resources and availability of clean air and water, resulting in famine and terror.

    A situation that is responded to by the ostrich syndrome by the electorate and our politically appointed science communities. Please consider that in your fiscal scenarios, or just listen to the scientists, view before and after glaciers, observe the polar ice regions, the melting tundra, and the forest devastation by man and beetles alike.

    Thank You,

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