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25. FISCAL WISDOM: We can significantly reduce future defense spending without unduly compromising national security.

ANSWER: True – Given that we spend more than the next 15 nations combined on defense, there are certainly ways that we can reduce spending without compromising national security. We can do so by focusing on reducing the inefficient processes, questionable weapon systems acquisitions, current base structures, existing troop levels, excessive benefit levels, and abuse of the disability system, while preserving our commitment to provide reasonable compensation and benefits to our military, their families and to take care of our veterans. For more information on illustrative defense reforms view the Comeback America Initiative’s Restoring Fiscal Sanity Report.


5 Responses to “Discuss Question 25”

  1. Phillip Finch says:

    We cannot stop being the world cop without increasing the threat to the USA and world, but we will and must.

  2. Dennis Sidwell says:

    My bad. No excuse, just late at night.

  3. Mike Hurley says:

    This is the liberatarian arguement and foriegn policy. This arguement that if we leave “them” alone, they will not bother us is a false one and has already been proved by history. This approach would not have against Japan and Germany in WWII nor has it worked with Islamic Fascists that are will to commit suicide to get to their enemy.

  4. Frank J. Ruggieri, C.P.A. says:

    The U.S. enemy is personified as a covert, non-uniform wearing (and therefore unidentified) terrorist who opertate in our midst. Internationally, we must maintain a global balance of power.The international perception of weakness in a nation precipetates, against it, interntional hostilities.
    What this ntion needs is a mechanism to enable U.S. Defense Dept. accountability. The G.A.O is required to. audis all U.S. Gov’t agencies. It has not been able to audit the U.S. Defense Department because the Defense Dept. can not maintain accountability records. It can not and does not track the disposition of weapons it produces. It was unable to account for $9 Billion it spent of wapons deployed in the IRAQ milistary engagement conducted by the U.S. Solve that problem and the answer to this question is disagree and the U.S. can protect its borders and indeed the solvency of its states who are either near or at insolvency due to having to feed, house, cloth, give medical treatment to illegal immigrants who cross our poorly protected borders.

  5. Sue Collett says:

    Obama has reduced our military enough. I read today that we are back to World War I levels. It is illogical to think that we should be satisfied with going back a century. Just because other countries don’t care about their defense doesn’t mean we should follow along blindly. Do you really want to be like France or the UK?

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