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29. FISCAL WISDOM: Elected officials should be willing to make tough choices on social insurance programs, spending and taxes even if it may serve to decrease their chances of being re-elected.

ANSWER: True – This is a no brainer. However, today we have too many career politicians who are afraid the people can’t handle the truth and accept tough choices. They are wrong. Clearly the decisions that must be made on spending and revenues are tough ones, and not easy politically. But part of the reason for that is because of the misinformation regarding the facts about our nation’s finances, the steps that will be necessary to restore fiscal sanity, and the serious adverse consequences if we fail to act. Your decision to take the Fiscal I.Q. Quiz exhibits the type of education that will be necessary in order to get the public fully engaged on the facts, which in turn will increase the willingness of politicians to make the tough choices necessary. You can really help by encouraging others, including your elected representatives and those seeking federal office, to take the Fiscal I.Q. Quiz as well!


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  1. Robert Judson says:

    No brainer??????? The answer suggests that the elected representative should vote for something his/her constituents don’t want. The person(s) who decided what the correct answer was for this question clearly have an agenda and can’t get like minded people elected to office. Now for most objective people that would tell you all you need to know and that is that there are not enough voters that agree with that position to get these type of candidates elected. One only has to open one’s eyes to recognize the reason that people sign pledges to do or not do certain things are that the voters are fed up with candidates that say one thing and then do another. The election process allows the people to render a verdict on whether they approve and/or agree with the decisions THEIR representative made. To postulate that the people’s representatives should vote contrary to his/her constituents wishes is to reject democracy.

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