Writing about finance requires several things. Knowledge about basic finance, current data on your chosen sector of finance, and a calculator. Instead of writing an essay that enumerates what’s already on the news, why not do something different for a change by writing a flawless financial essay. Here are some ideas on how you can perfect your financial essay using the three things we mentioned.

Basic Knowledge About Finance

When we say basic knowledge, it means that you must know how the financial sector works. What are the common business and tax laws? How is the market doing? What is the financial market striving for? What are the best business practices that affect finance significantly? Once you know all these, you will be able to write your essay confidently without having to continuously rely on basic references.

Current Data on a Finance Sector

There are different sectors of finance like banking, stocks, federal finance laws, state finance laws, and more. The key to knowing the current data is focusing on a location, whether it’s a continent or a small county. The way to do this is by looking at the news. Since finance is such an important part of the economy, you can expect to see news about it on a daily basis. The market changes everyday and business keep popping up on a regular basis as well. You will not run out of data, but you’ll need to choose your data wisely.

A Calculator

This is quite an interesting choice, right? It’s not a mathematical essay, so why would you need a calculator? The reason is that most of the data that is given in news articles and financial resources are ballpark estimates or percentages. When writing a finance essay, people want to see real numbers with dollar signs or other currencies. You can also use a calculator to go back and calculate exchange rates if it is required.

Writing the Perfect Financial Essay

Now that you know how to use your tools for your essay, it is time to start writing. This is just a basic understanding of how you should form your essay to present a flawless argument or discussion.

  • Introduction

Your introduction does not need to include a primer on finance. It should be simple and direct. The only thing you need to add to your discussion is your chosen theory and your hypothesis. So ask a question, answer it and continue to the body.

  • Defend your numbers.

Should you choose to discuss a topic that requires mentioning figures, you should ensure that you place the right calculations. In order to avoid any confusion, mention the name of the formula you used instead of showing how you formulated your answer. This way, you have more room to discuss concepts instead of just filling your essay with numbers.

  • Integrate finance laws into your discussion.

Finance laws may be a whole different essay topic altogether, but it’s actually a huge part of the financial sector. All the numbers you face are defined by these laws. For example, why did property prices go up? It’s because the local government or the federal government decided on a new ordinance or law. In this case, you can discuss the effects of the changes in the law so you can theorize the outcome.

  • Check out new trends in businesses.

Whenever industries change their business tactics, the finance sector also feels the ripple effect. This can be a great discussion where you theorize the effects of new business practices. An example is “disruption.” When companies started doing unconventional business practices like getting into billions of dollars in debt to become number 1 (Uber, Amazon, Airbnb). No one saw it coming and it changed the whole landscape of retail, transport, and tourism.

Now that you have an idea of how to perfect your business essay, here are some additional tips:

  1. Gather data from across the globe if it fits your essay. You can get other files translated if necessary.
  2. Pay someone to do my math homework if you are having trouble with the calculations.
  3. Double-check and cross-reference your essay.