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With Driving Score you can consistently rate drivers across a wide variety of vehicles, applications and hardware. Leveraging our Global Telematics Platform, built to accommodate large and complex data sets, we can filter, normalize and contextualize driving data to create a set of attributes that provides an enhanced picture of driver risk and a consistent, ratable score for in-life policy management and delivery at point-of-quote.
Driving Score uses the industry-leading LexisNexis ® Attract scoring methodology configured for precision, local market conditions and local regulatory compliance. We have you covered, no matter your source of driving data – whether you are using smartphones, in-vehicle hardwired devices, hybrid plug-and-play services such as OBD hardware, plug-in, connected car or self-powered devices.

Keeping score is at the heart of competition. It’s how we measure success. Safety Score by Autoliv uses your smartphone to help you become a safer driver. It monitors in real-time acceleration, speed, braking, turning and phone use and compares it against Autoliv’s proprietary data algorithms and known causes of accidents and gives you a personal safe driving score. You can then review your data and learn ways to raise your score, change your habits and become a safer driver.
Autoliv’s vision of Saving More Lives guides everything we do. We conduct over 600 crash tests annually and we have been collecting and analyzing traffic accident data since the beginning. Safety Score harnesses all of this data along with your personal driving data and runs it through a series of algorithms and predictive metrics to give you a 3-digit safety score. Included is a framework of coaching that enables drivers of any age to understand where they need to get better in order to be more safe, and
how this progresses over time, creating an incentive for change – all part of the solution out of the box.

Driving score
The Foundation of the FICO® Score telematics analytic suite
Published on Feb 13, 2018

Consistent Scoring and Rating
Achieve consistent scoring and rating, regardless of UBI programme, through unique filtering, contextualising and data normalising capabilities.
Single Format Scoring- Configured
LexisNexis(R) Attract scoring methodology delivers consistent scoring from multiple data sources (or multiple UBI providers) into a single rateable format using driver behaviour models, driver behaviour plus contextual data



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