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These words refer to something that happens or exists because of something else.
Consequence is used especially when the result of an action or situation is bad or inconvenient.

Configures a column of the result for this stored procedure to map to a property. This is used for database generated columns.
The name of the property to configure the result for.

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It is not the name of the action, but the result of the action, which is the chief concern.
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The result
The outcome of our life or work is the product of three factors: attitude, effort and ability.
Effort and ability range from 0 to +100 points. Since these two numbers are multiplied rather than simply added, it means that someone who exerts unbeatable efforts to compensate for “average” abilities can accomplish more than a genius who makes only a minimal effort. This product is further multiplied by attitude, which can range from в€’100 to +100. Depending on our attitude, the outcome of our work and our life can change by 180 degrees.


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