step grade boundaries

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While looking at the grade boundaries for past years I saw that the mark requirement for a Grade 2is often extremely close to the requirements to a Grade 1 while being very far from a Grade 3 – out of curiosity why is there such a large difference from 2->3 compared to 1->2?

From 2011 – 2016 the STEP II grade boundary has varied from 62 to 79, so there is quite a lot of variation from year to year.
I’m looking at 2 complete answers, two answers with the last section left out, and then two further questions started. I had to sit in a room for hours afterwards just to recover.

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Step grade boundaries
If anyone from Pearson is unhappy with this being placed on this website, please do contact me so we can discuss our comparable levels of time and effort and a just and equitable solution for busy teachers using the Pearson tests but needing to record and share GCSE-level marks for pupils, parents and internal and external reporting.
At present it is a bit of a bind converting from Pearson “steps” from Pearson’s Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 (GCSE) unit and termly tests to GCSE grades. This spreadsheet simply undertakes the mapping and provides a -/on/+ range within each grade.


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