2 pass

In the first pass of two-pass encoding, the input data from the source clip is analyzed and stored in a log file. In the second pass, the collected data from the first pass is used to achieve the best encoding quality. In video encoding, two-pass encoding is usually controlled by the average bitrate setting or by the bitrate range setting (minimal and maximal allowed bitrate) or by the target video file size setting. The best way to understand why this is used is to think of a movie — when there are shots that are totally, absolutely black, like scene changes, normal 1-pass CBR encoding uses the exact same amount of data to that part as it uses for complex action scene. But by using VBR and multi-pass, encoder “knows” that this piece is OK with lower bitrate and that bitrate can be then used for more complex scenes, thus creating better quality for those scenes that require more bitrate.
To turn on two pass encoding via API, just include the following in your format request:

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1. n. [Production Logging]

To obtain the correct values for dependent dimensions and members, the outline is first calculated, and then the dimensions and members that are dependent on the calculated values of other dimensions and members are recalculated. Dimensions and members that are calculated on a second pass through the Essbase outline are called two pass calculations.
By default, Essbase outlines are calculated from the bottom up: First the values for the children are calculated and then the value for the parent is calculated. Sometimes, however, the value of a child depends upon the value of the parent or the value of another member.

2 pass
If you have the information from backend block function , something like an array you can do as follows
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2 pass
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